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It's one month until your next BRC Evaluation. Your HACCP plans need updating and one of your key technical staff has gone sick.

This is right up our street, we are used to hearing stories just like this all the time and pride ourselves on being able to get you back on track for a successful audit.

Andrew Skinner - Parma Ham Assurance Checking

Whether you need a 'one-off' audit evaluation of a specific part of your business or a more in-depth look at how you are performing against a published standard, we can provide appropriately qualified experts to advise you as you prepare for those all important key customer or 3rd party audits.

S Q A (Supplier Quality Assurance) is a key management tool in the effective control of your raw material and ingredient suppliers. Whether you need a Quality Systems audit of one of your suppliers to satisfy your own due diligence needs or a more 'bespoke' service to assess compliance with specific codes of practice, we are well positioned to provide the solution.

"...... I would absolutely recommend [TQS] services"

Without [TQS] guidance... we would not have achieved such a high BRC grade ...I would absolutely recommend [TQS] services

Dean Silversides - Client

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