Our Clients

We never sit still at TQS, here are a few of the organisations we have assisted .......... and the great things they have said about us!

Client Logos 1

'...... [The TQS team] proved to be invaluable in assisting a 75 year old manufacturing business in the heart of Devon secure and maintain a BRC A grade. This was achieved with little budget but Andrew and his Team got the Bristow's Team working in the required direction and pulling together. It is an absolute fact that without his guidance through what is a minefield of administration and procedures we would not have achieved such a high BRC grade. I would absolutely recommend Andrew's services.' (Dean Silversides - Client)

Client Logos 2

'.... provides a great consultancy service, client focused and results led. He and his team are flexible and responsive to change whilst maintaining the kind of consistency and integrity that is necessary in FMCG business' (Steve Purser - Tesco)

Client Logos 3

Andrew is highly professional and has a breadth of knowledge. He always creates time to help and is a pleasure to work with...... (Fiona Chalmers - Professional Colleague and Client)

Client Logos 4

'I have dealt with Andrew over a number of years. His knowledge of retailer standards and his ability to work to advise and manage change within manufacturers of all sizes, to meet these standards is exceptional. He has an ability to pragmatically find ways of meeting a retailer requirement, [in a way] which meets both the needs of the site and the retailer...... I have always been impressed how he can assist in 'turning' a site around where standards may have slipped below acceptable and take the whole site with him...... the TQS team [and their] abilities to react in working with sites and the demands of retailers/ FMGC cannot be understated.' (Garry Dennis, [Former] Trading Law and Technical Manager, Tesco)

Client Logos 5

'We found [Andrew's] visit very constructive, and enlightening...... He has some good ideas, and suggestions...... It's amazing what a fresh pair of eyes see. I like his style and method, I am adding him to my QC resource.' (Stephen's Fresh Foods)

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