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Food Safety and HACCP Training

Our food safety, hygiene and HACCP training can be tailored to meet your individual needs based on product risk.

We are registered as a training and examination centre with the Royal Society for Public Health and the Society of Food Hygiene & Technology.

Training can be combined with accredited examinations leading to qualifications within the National Qualifications Framework at Levels 1, 2, 3 or 4.

Sensory Analysis Training

Sensory Analysis Training

You train your staff to monitor CCP's. You calibrate your measuring equipment to meet various standards but your customers eat your products!

How can you be sure that your taste panellists can accurately recognise the basic tastes, salt, sweet, sour & bitter?

How do you know that the physical properties of your product meet the required standards?

Sensory training and threshold evaluation is the answer - we have the solution!


Food Hygiene Awareness Training

Food Hygiene Awareness - Hygiene awareness training to meet the minimum legal requirements of 'training commensurate with the work activity'.

Our 1 hour to 3 hour courses are ideal for induction or refresher training – and you’ll find that our prices are based on quality and service and not the size of our overheads!

Other training solutions

* BRC Support Training

* Auditing Skills Training

* Vacuum Packing Technology

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...[the TQS] team are flexible and responsive to change whilst maintaining the kind of consistency and integrity that is necessary in FMCG business

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